Christopher T Anderson

… is an attorney, writer, thought leader, and relentless advocate, obsessed with helping lawyers to have more successful law firms, so that they can lead the lives they imagined when they decided to pursue this honorable calling.

Christopher is a law firm business guru who works with lawyers owning law firms from start-ups to eight-figure powerhouses in the United States and internationally to transform their legal practices into businesses that serve them, and their clients! Christopher has also worked with companies from startups to the likes of LexisNexis, RealLegal and

Christopher teaches lawyers to succeed on their own terms!


Christopher speaks on issues central to law firm success.  He debunks much of the “conventional wisdom” that has been passed down over the years, and fills the gaps that were simply never taught. The “traditional way” has been hurting lawyers in their own practice, and depriving prospective clients of their best services. Christopher’s vision of the business of law is one in which legal services are available to all, and law firm owners (and practitioners) thrive and succeed on their own terms.

Christopher puts together a powerful mixture of ideas from his experience building small businesses, startups, successful companies, and amazing customer service together with experience putting these ideas into practice in hundreds of law firms over the years.  From this he delivers clear, concise and actionable messages.

Wherever law firms are looking for a better way, Christopher is there to speak and inspire them.  He has been welcomed on stages from the American Bar Association, many State and local bars, industry conferences, and in law firms in the United States and abroad.

Access to Justice

Christopher knows that the more lawyers that wake up and realize that they can achieve success with their law firms, as they define it, the more law firms there will be that can help more people, more efficiently.

Providing more “Access to Justice” is a great idea. It is necessary, for our society to remain healthy, that citizens believe they have access to dispute resolution, on a level playing field, where they can be fairly heard, no matter whom or what they are up against. For decades, bar Associations, law firms, and others have sought to achieve this by setting pro-bono goals, A2J clinics, paying into Legal Services, and more. 

Nevertheless, there is an immense unmet need for the kinds of services that lawyers provide.  All the best, and well-meaning efforts above are but scratching the surface.

Meanwhile, more than half of all solo and small law firm owners report taking home an income that is insufficient for them to meet their family, living and student loan obligations.

To accomplish this, he knows that law firm owners must achieve success in their law firm businesses … on their terms.

Law Firm Success

Christopher focuses on helping lawyers understand the fundamentals of running our special kind of business, with emphases on how what we do profits our clients, and then, how to deliver those services at a profit to the stakeholders of the law firm, including the law firm owner(s), and all who depend on them. This is all based on a foundation built from an uncompromising focus on meeting the law firm owners’ own definitions of personal, professional and financial success.

Christopher is the co-founder of Sunnyside Services, Ltd., through which he works directly with law firms in the U.S. and abroad, and is also the host of “The Unbillable Hour” on the Legal Talk Network. Christopher is also a founding partner of two law firms, himself!  He is a national thought leader on topics of law firm business success, practice management, marketing, sales, systems and staffing, and has helped 1000’s of lawyers move toward more success for their firms, their families, and their clients. 

You can find Christopher at

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