Attention Solo and Small Firm Lawyers

Imagine a world....

·…where you get to decide, ahead of time, how to define success for your law firm business;

…where you can plan your revenues … and profits … for the next 18 months, today;

…where you don’t have to say things like, “No honey, I’m sorry, I can’t come to your dance recital – my monthly invoices are already late and I’ve got to get them out so we have money to pay the mortgage this month;”

…where you have more time to focus on achieving your personal, professional, and financial goals because the minutia that needs doing by SOMEbody gets taken care of … by someone else;

…where you thumb your nose to terms like “quality of life” and “work-life balance” because of COURSE these things exist for you; in fact, you couldn’t imagine it being any other way;

…where the work product you produce to your clients is as excellent as you want it to be, rather than having to make stylistic sacrifices along the way in order to meet deadlines or budgets;

….where you are able to help more people, because you are not spending time licking envelopes and entering expenses;

…where you actually make more money, by doing less yourself (no really!)

…where you can take a REAL vacation, knowing with confidence that your firm will not fall apart while you’re off-grid for a week or two… or longer;

…where ethics and professionalism are culturally valued and “givens,” not scorned as an obstacles to growth;

…where you don’t have to be the bookkeeper, HR coordinator, travel agent, receptionist, schedule manager, document drafter;

…where somebody else deals with employee politics and drama, where you just get the tasks you want done, done;

…where you are able to freely devote your time and energy toward doing the things you went to law school thinking you’d do one day;

…where you don’t have to compete with the firms running ads on TV and billboards in order to enjoy a steady stream of potential clients calling you.

This is the world of many Sunnyside lawyers.

Welcome to’s warmer here!
Sunnyside Services, Ltd. is dedicated to empowering awesome, independent lawyers to change the world.

Whether You Are

  • an ultra-niche biotech IP lawyer,
  • a roll-up-your-sleeves down-in-the-trenches criminal defense lawyer,
  • a Windsor knot corporate lawyer,
  • a civil rights Atticus Finch wanna-be, or
  • a con law nerd who really doesn’t care what the argument is so long as you get to say it with style and gusto in front of an audience–
  • a big firm lawyer ready for something different and strongly considering jumping ship
  • a recent law school grad just trying to make ends meet and are still trying to figure out what practice areas you like, or
  • a seasoned solo practitioner who knows the ropes but is just getting really weary of the treadmill

Whoever you are, whatever your personality and passions may be, our job is to make it easy for you to focus on what you want to be focusing on in your firm and your life.

What we do for you:

Christopher Anderson, co-founder of Sunnyside Services, works with law firm owners nationwide to clarify their vision for their law firm business, and then to put that vision into a workable, plain-English plan to accomplish their goals.  Whether it’s growing your own business, acquiring another, or preparing to sell … Christopher has helped literally hundreds of law firms get to where their owners want to go.

Want to know more?

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