Law Firm Owners

It is time to imagine a new world.

A world where you get to decide how to define success for your law firm business ... and your life. That is what it is like ... on the Sunnyside.


Where there is quality of life
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Where you help more people
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Where you make more money
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Where you have time to focus
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Whether You Are

  • an ultra-niche biotech IP lawyer;
  • a roll-up-your-sleeves down-in-the-trenches criminal defense lawyer;
  • a Windsor knot corporate lawyer;
  • a civil rights Atticus Finch wanna-be;
  • a con law nerd who really doesn’t care what the argument is so long as you get to say it with style and gusto in front of an audience;
  • a big firm lawyer ready for something different and strongly considering jumping ship;
  • a seasoned solo practitioner who knows the ropes but is just getting really weary of the treadmill;

If you want a law firm that gives you back a life that you actually want to live, we help you to focus on what you want that life to be, and how your law firm business can get you there.

What we do for you:

Christopher Anderson, co-founder of Sunnyside Services, works with law firm owners nationwide to clarify their vision for their businesses, and then to put that vision into a workable plan to accomplish their life goals.  Whether it’s growing your own business, acquiring another, or preparing to sell … Christopher has helped literally hundreds of law firms get to where their owners want to go.

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